We are dedicated to empowering people to live a blissful life! And to experience a life of greater joy, fulfilment, health and wellness on all levels. Connecting to our inner source of bliss and power is essential to regain balance, keep focus and peace of mind in our busy daily life.

At BLISSFUL we combine practices and knowledge from Eastern and Western philosophies, such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness and self-reflection to foster deeper self-understanding, leading to an overall improved experience and quality of life.


Jasmin Metzger

Life Experience Coach. Yoga Teacher. Communications Consultant. 36

Jasmin's passion is to empower others to live a blissful life, a life full of happiness, joy and fulfilment. Having worked in the corporate world herself for years, she understands well how challenging daily life can be and finding the balance between thriving in your job and feeling well. The practice of mindfulness, yoga, meditation and self-reflection have helped her manage stress better and find that place of peace and power inside. And not only that, it has given her the tools to realize her dream, to work remotely from abroad. She loves to inspire and support others to realise the life of their dreams.


Jasmin holds a Bachelor degree in Business Communications and works as an independent and freelance consultant. She has studied over 1000 hours of Hatha Yoga and meditation and has trained as an Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher in India. Jasmin has taught groups and worked with individuals in India, Switzerland and Thailand. 

Amy Love

Life Coach. Yoga & Meditation Teacher. Humble Student of Life. 37

Amy is passionate about empowering others to awaken and realise their true potential, to experience greater freedom & love in all aspects of life, to courageously explore and express their unique Self in this world, and most of all to laugh a lot along the way!   


Through yoga, meditation, and persistent commitment to self-discovery and personal growth, Amy realised that the ultimate source of peace and power lies within. This inner source illuminates the path to living a truly empowered life. As life becomes ever more illuminant, one can begin to experience greater depths of authentic love, joy, fulfilment, self-knowledge and actualise our innate potential.


Amy has taught in India and Australia in studios, detox retreats and healing school as well as facilitating yoga teacher trainings in Thailand.

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