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At BLISSFUL, Yoga is much more than the practice on the mat and it doesn't matter how flexible you are and if you can fold yourself into a pretzel. Yoga is an ancient yet modern life philosophy that helps us find self-understanding, acceptance and peace in every aspect of life and thus empowers us to find a more happy and fulfilled way of living.


Yoga has become very popular over the past years. And this is amazing news. At BLISSFUL we love the fact that more and more people dedicate time in their life to go to Yoga classes and enjoy them. Often though, people stay at the surface with Yoga. They enjoy the physical aspects and then focus too much on becoming more flexible. With that, we get stuck in the physical dimension. This is a little sad, as the true goal and purpose of Yoga is to find bliss inside. The physical exercise in Yoga such as the asanas work as a vessel for the inner journey to ourselves, supporting us as a tool to connect to our essence, our true self.


In our own experience at BLISSFUL, the inner yoga is much more transformative than the outer, the physical practice. Although coming from an alignment and therapy focused Yoga education the physical dimension is also important for us and not left aside. Correct alignment helps us not just to prevent injuries and go deeper into asanas but also supports the capability of Yoga to heal our body. Yet the inner attitude of Yoga (engl. to be at peace) and bringing it into all aspects of life is the essential part for us at BLISSFUL. It is about living Yoga in every moment, to literally become ‘Yoga’ with every breath:


- Sat Chit Ananda - 

Truth. Consciousness. Bliss.



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